Jamie Zeke Lilly

Shady Spring, WV

Age: 27






Just like the other members of Monsters Inc . – BBSK, Zeke has passion for chasing mature whitetails and always has his mind on that perfect November morning.  At the age of 15 Zeke arrowed his first whitetail and has been addicted to bow hunting ever since.  His older brother Brandon, who is also a BBSK member,  has been coaching him since he knocked his first arrow and introduced him to the Mathews world on his 17th birthday.  Year round, The Lilly Bros. are always looking for that buck of a lifetime and patiently wait on November!  This past 2012 season, Zeke was able to put his Mathews to work on his first Pope & Young whitetail.  This long-beamed November brute scored a total of 135 inches as an 8-point!  

Zeke also has a passion for shed hunting.  When Zeke isn’t trying to catch up with big whitetails he is looking for their elusive sheds with his family.  Zeke’s dad, mom (who is an incredible shed hunter and will go absolutely anywhere) and brother love to cover miles and miles of land to find that “perfect” shed!   Zeke has been blessed to have such a supporting family  when it comes to his passion for whitetails and bow hunting.  He is thankful for the life and opportunities God has blessed him with and looks forward to many more amazing seasons!


Years Hunting:  15+

What Zeke Hunts Down:  Whitetails, Coyotes, and the Spring Gobbler

Weapon of Choice:  Mathews z7 Xtreme

Groups & Affiliations:  Monster Inc. – BBSK Lifetime Member and

Favorite places to hunt:  Southern WV and Monteray, VA

Enjoys:  Spending time with his wife and looks forward to the day he can take his children along with him on his hunting adventures!  Zeke also enjoys fishing, snow skiing, mountain biking, and music. 



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