Rock Bortell

Cool Ridge, WV

Infected The Planet

 The 25th of June 1980














Rock is a dedicated, hardworking, honest, God fearing family man! When Rock’s not hunting you can find him spending time with his family, watching his girls grow up into beautiful young ladies, scouting, hanging stands and running game cams, calling the ole Tom in and blasting lead down range in the “true“ wild dog, the Yote. Chasing Monster Whitetail with his fellow BBSK’s from 20 feet up a tree is his true passion.


The Hunted: Whitetail Deer, Spring Gobblers, Black Bear, Yotes. 


Affiliations: M.I. BBSK Lifetime Member, Athens Archery Factory Shooting Staff, T.R.U. Ball Factory Staff, Beckley Lodge #95 A.F. & A.M.


Favorite Area to Hunt: Southern West By God, Would love to hunt Bull Elk in Colorado or New Mexico one day!


Favorite Species to hunt: Mature Whitetail, followed by a close second, the Spring Gobbler.


Family: I married my better half Wendi in June of 2010; we have three children, two beautiful girls, Remmy Marie and Resa Anthem and my stepson Sonny. Let’s not forget to mention my blue Weimaraner, Zoey.


Hobbies: Hunting, cat fishing, pre and post season scouting, running game cams and more than anything, spending time with my family!


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