Nathan Killen

Castlewood, Va

DOB: 1973









       Nathan makes his Christian home in the mountains of southwestern Virginia with his wife Jessica and daughter Autumn. There they own a 12 acre piece of heaven with a cozy log home looking over beautiful hardwood ridges and cedar thickets. Horses and Pigmy goats along with other farm critters keep things interesting and entertaining there !

     Frosty November mornings and the heavy footsteps of an approaching rutting buck occupy Nathans thoughts and daydreams most of the year. His hunting career started at the young age of 7 when His father would take him out chasing squirrels with a 410 shotgun and slinging arrows out of a 15# fiberglass Ben Pearson bow at whatever would sit still. At only 10 years old he harvested his first bow kill which was a fat yearling buck and he has continued to chase whitetails now for over 30 years. His passion and dedication to the sport has earned him several bucks scoring from 125-184 P&Y. In 2006 Nathan harvested his best buck to date, a buck named Big Boy which was featured in NAW magazine special edition AWESOME WHITETAILS. Winter and spring shed hunting along with summer trail cameras positioned in strategic areas prove to be a valuable tool in Nathans bag of tricks !

     Nathan has recently taken up the challenge of traditional archery and plans to hunt exclusively with his trusty Stalker recurve. He loves the simplicity and sleek curves of traditional archery equipment and the lack of technology. He says there is nothing like looking down a feathered shaft at unsuspecting game merely yards or feet away !

Groups and Affiliations: MONSTERS INC.-BBSK co-founder, WVBA, QDMA and Backcountry hunters & anglers.

Favorite areas to hunt: Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio

Favorite species to hunt: Without question……WHITETAILS !!

Hobbies: Church, Family, Bowhunting and spring gobbler hunting with his wife, shed hunting, Muskie fishing, camping, hiking and most anything else outdoors.


Nathan Pictured with 140+ Ohio Whitetail


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