Shed Hunting West Virginia

Shed Hunting West Virginia ~ " 38 and Counting " from Jamie Lilly on Vimeo.


Shed Hunting West Virginia ~ " 38 and Counting "

This is a video about shed hunting in the awesome mountains of West Virginia. This makes the 3rd shed hunting season for my Mom and I and it has, hands down, been the most exciting one yet! After many miles and nearly burning the tread off our boots, we found a total of 38 sheds! Take a few minutes and watch our shed hunting adventure! Enjoy and visit Monsters Inc. Facebook Page!! 

All filmed with the GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition along with the GoPro Jaws Clamp, head mount, "Chesty".

Tines Up,



                      Roger's Mineral and Cam setup in 2015

By: Roger Wolfe

Monsters Inc. BBSK'er Roger Wolfe sets up a new mineral site using Antler King minerals with Apple Burst and sets a Covert Trail Camera up watching the site looking for some monster Southern West Virginia bucks to hunt this fall. 

                   2015 Lilly Brothers Spring Gobbler Recap       

Monsters Inc. - BBSK | Spring Gobbler 2015 from Jamie Lilly on Vimeo.


By: Jamie Lilly

The Lilly Brothers of Monsters Inc recap their spring gobbler season of 2015. 

                      John Austin's 2013 Ohio Pope N Young

 By: Chad Annon

Monsters Inc. Pro Staffer John Austin self films his 2013 Ohio Archery buck. 



                           M.I. in Costa


GoPro Fishing in Costa Rica #sailfish

A GoPro Film of a yearly fishing trip my friends and I take in Costa Rica with Big Eye Charters. Costa is hands down world-class fishing! All filmed with the GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition. Enjoy.

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                 2014 Archery Season Preparation


By: Chad Annon

Buzz clip of Chad Annon in preparation for the upcoming 2014 Archery Season in Ohio.  #GOPRO #MONSTERS INC

                                   Covert Camera Vid

 By: The BoneHead Pro

Watch Team Monsters Inc. ProStaff Member Roger Wolfe successfully set up his new Covert Trail cam in Southern WV and see the awesome results from his earlier video on how to successfully set up a mineral lick. 


                                   Mineral Lick Setup

 By: The Bonehead Pro

Roger takes us through the ins and outs of proper Spring Mineral Lick set up. Thanks Roger!!! 

                                     Wyoming Turkey Hunt

By: The BoneHead Pro

Join Team Bonehead Pro Roger for a trip to Wyoming for a turkey hunt at Trophy Ridge Outfitters. Enjoy the sites and sounds of Wyoming, Devil's Tower and Jason Aldean with Fly Over States off his recent album My Kinda Party


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