Marc Herold

Christiansburg, VA

DOB 10/17/1987

Killing since 1995

For many years, Marc has been killing animals all over the east coast and even out west. His first kill was with a bow at the age of 11, a three point Whitetail. As most hunters, his first bow kill will always be close to his heart. Marc’s most memorable hunt was when he traveled to Shoshone National Forest in Cody Wyoming with his father Doug. On this hunt he was fortunate enough to shoot a big Bull Elk @ 779yds with his favorite Huskemaw scope.  This awesome hunt and long shot was actually aired on The Outdoor Channel’s Best of The West in 2012.  Marc is still waiting for his first P&Y Whitetail. He has high hopes this long wait will come to an end this coming November.

Hit List: Whitetail Deer, Gobblers, Black Bear, Predators, anything walking which a tag can be purchased for.

M.I. BBSK Member since July of 2013

Favorite Areas to Hunt: Virginia Highlands, Southern WV, Central American Jungle, ANYWHERE there is plenty of game!

Favorite Species to Hunt: Big Whitetails and Coyotes

Family: Marc  is Christian raised and the passion for hunting flows through his blood from both sides of the family. Marc’s Father grew up hunting and fishing the Virginia Highlands all of his life. Marc’s father Doug Herold was a key teacher in instilling the predatory skills necessary for Marc to become the hunter he is today. Marc’s mother’s family grew up hunting every day in the Peruvian Amazon as a way of living. His roots of bow hunting run deep with the Incas. He was raised to kill four legged mammals and catch big fish all over the globe.

Hobbies: Anything outside! Hunting and fishing all of the time with his fellow BBSK boys; B. Lilly, Zeke, and Alex, there is never a dull moment with these three characters. Marc really enjoys spending quality time with his friends and family when he is not in the woods or on the water. Flying is his other passion, as well as his job, which he enjoys very much.

Favorite Quote: “All of the places my boots have tread, many animals have wound up dead” -Tim Wells





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