John Austin


The love of hunting was instilled in John Austin before his feet ever hit the ground.  As a small child, John’s Uncle would take him hunting.  Any spring  gobbler season you can still find the pair sitting in the woods calling in the ole gobblers.  If John is not hunting, he is setting and checking trail cameras, shed hunting, or fine tuning his archery skills.  John has taken whitetails with everything from a 12 gauge double barrel shotgun, to a muzzle loader to a compound bow.  His love for archery has matured to the point that since 2005 he only hunts with his compound bow.

Prey Hunted:  Spring Gobbler, Coyotes, Antelope, Mule Deer and Prey of Choice …. Whitetail Deer! 

Favorite Areas to Hunt: Whitetail in Ohio, Iowa, West Virginia, Virginia & Antelope and Mule Deer in Wyoming.


Family:  John and his wife Rebecca have been married since 2003.  The Lord blessed them with two 4 legged children – Patch and Bud, both Border Collies.  Patch went to be with the Lord at an early age, but Bud lived a long happy life until he was taken from them recently due to a brain tumor.


Hobbies: H–U-N-T-I-N-G!, Camping, Shed Hunting, Scouting & occasionally fishing, target shooting compound bow with Rebecca.







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