Chad Annon

North Central WV

DOB: 1976








                                                                       2007 Northern Quebec

Chad’s passion for the outdoors is driven deep. Learning from his Father and Grandfather they not only taught him how to hunt, but how to give respect to the land and the animals being hunted. Some of his earliest memories are shooting small game with his recurve. The first year of Bow Hunting was a success after arrowing his fist Buck from 20 feet up. From that point on at the young age of 14 his Bear bow was always in hand!


Fast forwarding into 2008 Chad turned his attention to hunt the  Big woods Bruisers in Southern WV or the "Bow Only Counties" as we like to call them. In just five years of hunting he was successful by taking three bucks (personal best) back to Morgantown. In 2013 Chads took a little different route to get to the deer woods. Instead of traveling South he went North to the state of Ohio. Coming into early spring 2013 Chad never let up in his pursuit to chasing Big Boned Bucks by doing his usual thing in big farm country, by studying satellite & topo maps, scouting, shed hunting and running trail cams. His passion to locate & Bowhunt for a big ol’ rockin chair racked buck couldn’t come from deeper within!



Years Hunting: 30 plus

Species Hunted: Whitetail, Bear, Caribou,
Turkey, Predators, Small Game


Groups & Affiliations: Monster Inc. – BBSK Lifetime Member, Owner / Operator of BBSK Archery,  WV Bow Hunters Association Member


Favorite Areas To Hunt: Ohio, Southern WV, Northern Quebec, North Central WV with friends and family!


Favorite Species: Whitetail


Most Memorable Hunts: 2007 Caribou then taking a Black Bear with a Bow in WV less than 45 days later.  Too many memorable Whitetail hunts to list. 


Likes to do: Spending time with my #ones my Wife and Kids! I enjoy Hunting, Shooting Bows, Scouting, Shed Hunting,  Running Trail Cams, Helping customers in my shop, Riding / driving anything with wheels, Beagling, trapping & Web Design



2014 Ohio



                2010 WV Archery                                          2007 WV Black Bear Archery



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