Brandon Lilly

Shady Spring, WV

1982 Model

Hunting since 92’

Brandon has been chasing whitetail and all other critters of WV since he was 10 years old. He killed his first buck with a .45 Flintlock Muzzleloader in Bland County, VA at 13 years old. He also won the WV Junior Black Powder State Championship that same fall. Brandon took his first deer with a bow at the age of 16, and that is when his favorite passion of bow hunting took flight. Brandon is a hardcore BBSK and spends all spring and summer trying to locate the upcoming falls “target” – He took his first P&Y 133” gross on Oct 30, 2010.  On Nov 14, 2013 he arrowed the 163” gross main frame eight point seen in the photo above. The buck finished 6th on the 2013 WV big buck list, netting out at 153 3/8”.


You can follow Brandon and his outdoor adventures on Twitter @BLilly20ftup. 


Critters Hunted: First and foremost Whitetail Deer, Spring Gobblers, Predators.

M.I. BBSK Lifetime Member

Favorite Area to Hunt: Southern WV, dream of hunting Iowa one day!

Favorite Species to hunt: Mature Whitetail with heavy headgear. Dream of traveling out west and killing a big Bull Elk during the rut.

Family: Married to my lovely wife Amber since August of 2011, we have two kids, but they have four legs! My labs name is Colt and she has a Yorkie named Mya. Little Brother and fellow BBSK member, Jamie Lilly is my right-hand outdoor partner. We slay critters and swarp big fish all over God’s Country!

Hobbies: Obviously hunting. But besides that, I love to catch big fish, anywhere from the New River to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Skiing, staying fit, and Caribbean Cruises with the wifey. I love running trail cams almost as much as actually hunting. Honestly, I just #LOVETOPLAYOUTSIDE!



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