Dwayne "BONES" Johnson
I live in beautiful Cody Wyoming with my wife Leigh and son Hunter. I am a sculptor and taxidermists and die-hard Backcountry Bowhunter! Been involved in archery since I was nine years old. My hobbies are shed hunting, bow-fishing, bow hunting anything, and shooting 3D!!  I have successfully bowhunted, Turkey, Wild boar, Elk, Antelope, Muleys, Whitetails, Black Bear, Small game and Predators. I give GOD the glory for all he has allowed me to do in my life and am very thankful for all he has blessed me with.  I miss my ole"buddies back home but truly enjoy the wildness of the west. My favorite bowhunting is September Elk!! Would like to go Yukon moose hunting and a hunting trip with Cameron Haynes!!! I am a member of BBSK pro staff, Feild-logic pro staff, Cody archers, and Dewey Wildlife Team.





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