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"Precision Instruments of Death"

Posted by Chad on September 14, 2015 at 8:25 AM

Sometime the difference between success and failure reflects back to quality gear...gear and equipment that harmoniously work together to perform flawlessly, every time and under every condition. In reality its the arrow that does the real dirty work...the actual "Precision Instruments of Death"as you will ! When quality arrows are built with precision and matched to your equipment then accuracy and success is sure to follow.

When it comes to traditional equipment the arrows I shoot can be just as important if not more so than the arrows shot from a compound. Today's compounds can be more forgiving of arrow spine when shot with today's mechanical broadheads and mechanical release than recurves and longbows are shot off the self with fingers. Correct spine, point weight and quality feathers are essential components to a quality arrow. Arrows weighing around 9 gpp and more are preferred for hunting setups and to comply with most traditional manufacturers warranties. Another thing to consider is weight forward or FOC, which is the percentage of the mass weight of the arrow which is front of center. This is easily calculated by finding the true center of the arrow, it's balance point and dividing it's difference between the two into the arrows length. It's recommended to have at least 16-18% FOC for optimal penetration and arrow flight characteristics. I personally prefer over 20%. I achieve this by using 100 grain brass inserts and 175 grain heads paired with a Beman 400 shaft. Depending on your setup as far as draw weight at your draw length the spine ofthe arrow will be different.

So there you have the basic components of "Precision Instruments of Death" and the basic specs to build them too ! Good luck this season and always carry quality built arrows tipped with scary sharp broadheads....and as always Safety First !

God Bless,

Nathan Killen


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