Alex "Jambo" Giambanco

Ghent, WV

Made In 1985

Gougin' Since 88






                                                                                                      Mathews chill on Nov 14th 2014, 

                                                                                                                        150 Gross


Alex was born in Dumfres, VA where he was introduced to rabbit hunting at the age of 3.  Following his dad (Vito) everywhere he went, the outdoors quickly became part of his life!  His father, a restaurateur in which immigrated from Sicily in the late 70's, picked up the fine habit of hunting from customers (turned friends) in his Italian Restaurant, which he still operates today in Beckley, WV.    Jambo's true passion however is archery hunting mature whitetails in southern, WV.  He first picked up a bow at the ripe age of 6, when his baseball coach Rooster Blaine Williams asked his father if he had ever thought of breaking into archery.  Alex has 2 P&Y Trophies,  a 139" Raleigh county WV Bow kill in 2009 under his belt and a 150" Southern WV bow kill in 2014. Monster Bucks are not the only monsters he pursues.  During the off season, he enjoys chasing Monster Sailfish as well as MAHI MAHI offshore in Central America with other members of the MI BBSK Crew. Pictured is a once in a lifetime Mahi caught in 2011.  66" and well over 60lbs.




What drives him: Giant Whitetails and Offshore fishing.




Favorite area to hunt: Southern WEST BY GOD VIRGINIA


Family: Married to his Wife Rachel since 2010, and proud father of a Pork Chop Bluetick Beagle


Hobbies:  Hunting, Fishing and WVU Athletics!





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